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Fillpak Paper Void Fill TT Converter / Dispenser

Product Code: 117101UK
Brand: Fillpak
The Fillpak Paper Void Fill TT solution is a highly efficient, clean and environmentally friendly way to fill gaps around your products in boxes to cushion and prevent movement in transit.  The dispenser is light and easy to install and to operate. Features are:

- quickly forms fanfolded paper into an efficient and effective void fill material
- compact - minimal space needed for set up and storage
- clean - paper packing material is neatly guided into the box without any overfilling or spillage
- ideal for individual packaging stations and removes the need for loose fill or hand crumpling of paper
- can be used with either our Fillpak TT Fanfold 30% recycled paper or our Greenline Fillpak TT Fanfold 100% recycled paper

Priced per dispenser.
Our Price: £64.49
(inc VAT: £77.39)
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