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Mailing Bags

Mailing bags are an efficient way of packaging items that do not need padded protection in transit. They are quick and easy to use, waterproof, economical, light and take up little storage space. Our mailing bags are coextruded which essentially laminated two layers of polythene together to give a high quality strong, tear-resistant, opaque mailing bag. 

We hold a wide range of mailing bag sizes in various colours to suit most packaging requirements.  We also stock Sealed Air's Mail Tuff ® Mailing Bag range which provide one of the best mailing bags on the market giving a high quality, secure and lightweight method of posting your items.

All of our mailing bags are 100% recyclable and our grey mailing bags are made with a minimum of 70% recycled materials. Polythene mailing bags are still an environmentally sound choice for packaging. They require much lower energy levels to manufacture than any paper based packaging whilst providing a lightweight waterproof product. They are fully recyclable and can easily be recycled into second life products like other mailing bags, refuse sacks etc and so waste very little natural resource.


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