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Product Protection

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Product Protection

AirCap Bubble Wrap
AirCap bubble wrap is barrier sealed to ensure the longest life of the bubbles even under load. Our bubble wrap is also all easy tear so that it can be torn in straight lines without the need for scissors. It is lightweight, clean and easy to use and is recyclable. Ideal for protecting your items in transit / storage.

Honeycomb Protective Paper Wrap

Introducing honeycomb protective paper wrap - the perfect packaging solution for your fragile items. Crafted from high-quality paper, the unique honeycomb structure allows the paper to interlock as it is wound around the object negating the need for tape. This wrap provides superior protection against bumps, drops, and impacts during transit.

As an added bonus, our honeycomb protective paper wrap is eco-friendly and biodegradable, making it a sustainable choice for your packaging needs.

Edge Protection
Plastic edge protectors - Protects box edges from crushing when using strapping. Cardboard edge protectors - Our edge protectors are an ideal solution to protect the goods from damage during transportation and handling of goods. Made from environment friendly and recyclable card, it protects the product down the long edges of your pallet or package against knocks or possible strapping damage. 100% recyclable

Silica Desiccant Products
We have silica gel sachets in sizes 1g, 10g, 25g, 50g, 100g, 250g and 500g or self indicating loose silica to keep your products moisture free. We also stock fine white silica commonly used for flower drying.

Pure Acid Free Tissue Paper
Tissue paper is great for a whole host of applications from general wrapping and interleaving to void filling and craft use. It is great for improving the appearance of your products. It is soft and manageable, whilst it is chlorine and acid free so it will not harm your delicate products. Use it for cushioning and displaying anything from glassware and china to jewellery. We stock tissue in pure white and also in a wide selection of colours.

Degradable Void Fill
We stock two types of void fill both of which are degradable. The white void fill is starch based so breaks down in contact with water and is fully biodegradable. Ideal for filling the empty spaces around your item in a box. Soft to touch so won't mark or damage fragile items.
The green 'Flo-Pak' void fill is manufactured from recycled polystyrene and is made to break down in landfill in the presence of microorganisms and moisture.  It is lighter and cleaner than the starch based void fill but slightly stiffer in structure.

Paper Void Fill
The Fillpak paper void filling equipment provides a quick, clean and eco-friendly solution to filling gaps in your parcels to secure and cushion your products in transit.  Once passed through the machine the paper  is scrunched to create an excellent shock absorber for your products. The Fillpak packaging solution is extremely convenient to use as it is easy to operate and takes up little storage space compared with conventional methods of void fill and so improves packing time and productivity.

Corrugated Paper Roll
Corrugated paper rolls provide a great cost effective way of protecting your items by adding a protective cardboard layer without the need to use a box. simply unroll and cut to the required length.