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Silica Gel Desiccant Packs
​Looking where to buy silica gel packets - look no further!   High quality sachets of silica gel desiccant from Bluestar Packaging Supplies at the very best prices. Removes humidity in sealed packages preventing corrosion, condensation, damp, mould etc. Each of the self contained pouches contains desiccant which can adsorb and hold up to a third of its weight in water vapour. The sachet is made from Tyvek which allows efficient transfer of moisture into the desiccant.
As a guideline we recommend approx 5 gram of silica gel for every cubic foot of package and ensure you package is as airtight as possible for the best performance. The silica gel desiccant bags are supplied in a variety of weights and quantities to suit your requirements

Loose Self Indicating and Non Indicating Silica
Rather than choose silica in bags select these high quality bulk loose self indicating silica gel beads, supplied in resealable bags. The self Indicating Silica gel beads are orange and turn dark green when saturated with water. These silica gel beads are non-toxic and are approx 2mm-5mm
Beads can be regenerated by heating in an oven at between 100C and 120C (remove all packaging and place on an oven proof tray).

Fine White Silica Sand - Silica Desiccant Ideal for Flower Drying
Pure fine white non indicating silica sand / grains, Safe, clean with no risk of colour contamination. Supplied in sealed tamper-evident tubs which can be resealed once opened. Note we sell a wholesale sack of 25kg which issupplied in an airtight double bagged sack rather than tubs. These fine pure white silica gel granules are non-toxic and chemically inert. Grain size is approx 0.5mm-1mm so ideal for drying herbs, flowers, seeds etc

All our silica products now come with FREE delivery


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