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Silica Gel Desiccant - Self Indicating (Loose)

Silica Gel Desiccant - Self Indicating (Loose)

Product Code: 111110
  • High quality bulk loose self indicating silica gel beads
  • Supplied in resealable tubs
  • Silica gel beads are orange and turn dark green when saturated with water
  • These silica gel beads are non-toxic
  • Bead size is approx 2mm-5mm
  • Beads can be regenerated by heating in an oven at between 100C and 120C (remove all packaging and heat on an oven proof tray)
  • Removes humidity in sealed packages preventing corrosion, condensation, damp, mould etc
  • Silica gel can adsorb and hold up to a third of its weight in water vapour
  • As a guideline we recommend approx 5 gram of silica gel for every cubic foot of package and ensure you package is as airtight as possible for the best performance
  • We sell the silica gel in a variety of loose weights and also in sachets in various quantities to suit your requirements
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