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Tegrabond Water Activated Tape Dispenser BP222

£249.59 (inc. VAT)
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Introducing the Xtegra Tegrabond BP222 Water Activated Paper Tape Dispenser, the ultimate tool for efficient and reliable packaging. Here's why the BP222 dispenser is a game-changer for your packaging needs:

Superior Performance: The Xtegra Tegrabond BP222 dispenser is specifically designed to work flawlessly with water-activated paper tape. It ensures precise and consistent tape application, creating secure and tamper-evident seals on your packages. Say goodbye to unreliable tape dispensers and hello to a reliable and efficient solution.

User-Friendly Design: The BP222 dispenser is designed for easy operation. Loading water-activated paper tape is a breeze, and its smooth functionality allows for effortless tape application. Soft touch tape dispensing with 254mm each press saves time and effort with this user-friendly dispenser.

Versatile Tape Compatibility: The BP222 dispenser is compatible with a variety of water-activated paper tape widths up to 72mm including reinforced paper tapes, giving you the flexibility to choose the tape size that best suits your packaging needs. Whether you're sealing small boxes or large packages, this dispenser has you covered.

Sturdy and Durable Construction: Built to last, the BP222 dispenser is constructed with high-quality materials to withstand the demands of regular use. Its durability ensures reliable performance over time, making it a reliable choice for your packaging operations.

Portability and Convenience: The BP222 dispenser is lightweight and compact, making it easy to transport and move around your workspace. Whether you need to pack items in different locations or have limited space, this dispenser offers convenience and flexibility.

Professional Packaging Results: With the Xtegra Tegrabond BP222 dispenser, you can achieve professional-looking packaging. The water-activated paper tape creates clean, neat, and secure seals, enhancing the presentation and security of your packages. Impress your customers with a polished and trustworthy packaging appearance.

Upgrade your packaging process with the Xtegra Tegrabond BP222 Water Activated Paper Tape Dispenser. Experience superior performance, user-friendly design, versatile tape compatibility, sturdy construction, portability, and professional packaging results. Say goodbye to packaging frustrations and hello to a seamless and reliable packaging solution.


  • Soft touch tape delivery
  • Easy push tape dispensing
  • Blade delivers clean, even tape cutting
  • BetterPack water brushes provide consistent, uniform tape wetting
  • Portable dispenser - does not require electricity
  • Refillable and spill-resistant water tank holds one cup (227ml) of water to activate 114mts of tape
  • Push lever dispense 254mm length of tape; repeat push lever for longer length


Maximum tape width : 72mm
Maximum tape diameter : 152.5mm
Gum in/out : Gum in
Water tank capacity : 227ml
Dimensions : 358 x 203 x 184mm

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